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Ravensburger 13698 Magical Unicorns 100pc w/Colouring Book

The puzzle meets the colouring book – in this Magical Unicorns Ravensburger Puzzle.


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In addition to 100 XXL puzzle pieces that are virtually made for the curious hands of children, there is also an 8-page colouring book in each box. The colouring templates of the booklet are thereby coordinated to the theme of the puzzle image. This allows little puzzlers from 6 years of age to immerse themselves even more creatively in the colourful world of dinosaurs, unicorns and the like.

The playful use of the colourful puzzle pieces promotes children’s concentration, contributes to improved coordination and is also an encouraging challenge that must be mastered. The patience and imagination of the little puzzle fans are required until the finished picture has been created piece by piece. The reward is twofold: the colouring book offers images that can be creatively filled in with coloured pencils. This allows children to playfully approach a theme from two different visual levels.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

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