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Playmobil Spirit – Snow time with Snips & Senor Carrot 70398

In winter, Snips and Señor Carrots are fully in their element.


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Finally there is enough snow to build a big snowman. Snips rolls two big snow balls and a small one and then stacks them on top of each other. Snips finishes the snowman by adding the eyes, mouth, nose and a cowboy hat- magnificent. How long will the snow guy keep his carrot? Señor Carrots already has his eye on it, but then he is suddenly hit by a snowball. Snowball fight! The winter is simply wonderful! The play set consists of Snips and Señor Carrots, a snowman, a snow shovel and snowballs and other extras. Señor Carrots can move his head up and down and Snips can also ride the donkey.

Figures: 1 Snips Animals: 1 donkey Señor Carrots

Accessories: 1 snowman, 1 western hat, 1 snow shovel, 1 scarf, 1 cap, 1 lining, 5 snowballs

Recommended for ages 4 and up. 

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